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Jan. 24th - Jan. 31th


War Games is a PvP event. While journeying, players will run into OTHER DEFENDERS who they can proceed to attack. Players get a choice of three opponents to attack, each giving different battle points based on difficulty. If a player wins three matches in a row, they get an extra "winning streak" bonus that grows larger the longer their streak is, capping out at 30. When they reach a 30-win streak, it resets to 0. If they lose a battle, their streak also resets to 0. Opponents get stronger with each 30-win streak completed.

Event UnitsEdit

There are no units who receive an edge bonus in this event. This event introduced several new fighters. They are:

Wallflower - Bloomhoof - Evenglory (Points Reward) [x]
Feroze - Gaspar - Heydar (Rank Reward)

During this event the reward for inviting players came from the Anagalmeshshu line.

Rank RewardsEdit

The event had a persistent rank leaderboard. Players were rewarded fighters from the Heydar line, along with voxite or pixite, bitters or aja leaves, and texi.

The following crowns were given out:
Goldcrown Rank 1-?
Silvercrown Rank ?-?
Bronzecrown Rank ?-?

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