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Warlocks are a Fighter Type designed to deal either natural or magical, i.e. attack-based or wisdom-based respectively, damage.

Statistically, compared to other Fighters, they have higher ATK and WIS.

Due to their variety in skill type, they have a large array of natural/magical elemental skills and furthermore, since many are Paragons, glorified special skills.


Among the Warlocks are the three subclasses of Warlocks, based on their differing functions.

The table below references these subclasses.

Class Subclass Characteristics Examples
Class-warlock Raid-Focus Paragon and/or skills with high utility against Raid Bosses Nergal-Sar-Ussur, Vulca
Class-warlock Skill-Focus Natural or Magical skill Zhubin, Rhosemadder, Anagalshu
Class-warlock Thwart/Thwart All Thwart/Thwart All skill Lymsinea, Volaikha, Wrangoliath


The below sections state the functionality of Warlock subclasses in each Event Type.


Warlocks are effective against Champs, Warlocks, and Scouts.

Warlocks are ineffective against Rogues and Gurus(except if they have high WIS).

Thwart/Thwart All Warlocks are the most effective type of Warlock for PvP due to their Skill Priority. However, they are less effective than Preempt Rogues due to a higher Countdown.


Warlocks are quite effective for handling lower Dungeon Marks.

They function similarly to Champs in respect to Dungeons, however, are less effective due to lower HP.

Skill-Focused or Thwart/Thwart All Warlocks are the most effective type of Warlock for Dungeons. Certain Raid-Focused Warlocks are moderately effective in Dungeons.


Raid-Focused Warlocks, commonly Paragons, are designed for high performance against Raid Bosses due to their Edge and special Skills.

Skill CountdownEdit

Warlocks have the highest range of Countdowns, varying from a final 0 Countdown to a final 4 Countdown.

Their high Countdown makes their skill utilization limited.


  • HP: Increasing a Warlock's HP increases the Warlock's longevity for any type of situation. This is highly recommended.
  • ATK: Increasing a Warlock's attack increases the Warlock's potency. This is recommended.
  • DEF: Since defense is a nearly negligible stat, increasing a Warlock's defense will not improve the Warlock significantly. This is not recommended.
  • WIS: Increasing a Warlock's wisdom increases the skill damage, if the Warlock has a wisdom-based skill. This is generally not recommended.
  • AGI: Increasing a Warlock's agility allows the Warlock to be faster than other Warlocks.

Since Warlocks have higher ATK and WIS, they are also useful as ATK or WIS superfuse fodder.

LG Fighter RankingEdit

Warlocks are ranked among Warlocks of the same Subclass. Ranks indicates the position relative to other Fighters; Grades detail changes and consistencies in stat differences; and Difficulty relates the general difficulty of maximum self-fusing the Fighter.

[E] is Easy; [M] is Medium; [H] is Hard; and [HH] is Insane.

See [1] for Sarsinaia.

Raid-Focus [2]
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty Skill Countdown (Final)
1 A Nergal-Sar-Ussur Icon Nergal-Sar-Ussur [HH] Unhinge Self 0
2 B Torquistador Icon Torquistador [M] Nitro 2
3 B Odin Stormgod Icon Odin Stormgod [H] Flash of Rage 3
4 B Falko Icon Falko [H] Plasma 3
5 C Fravardin Icon Fravardin [M] Hazard 1
6 C Vulca Icon Vulca [M] Divvy 3
7 D Thocero Icon Thocero [E] Immolate 3
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty Countdown (Final)
1 S Urhammu Icon Urhammu [HH] 5
2 A Lidan-Gula Icon Lidan-Gula [H] 4
3 B Kavie Icon Kavie [M] 2
4 B Heliotrooper Icon Heliotrooper [M] 3
5 C Anagalshu Icon Anagalshu [E] 4
6 C Thesanthei Icon Thesanthei [E] 2
7 C Zhubin Icon Zhubin [M] 4
8 D Attii'kusu Icon Attii'kusu [?] 1
9 E Tiamat Icon Tiamat [E] 1
10 E Serollinda Icon Serollinda [E] 3
11 F Rhosemadder Icon Rhosemadder [E] 4
12 F Karopithla Icon Karopithla [?] 3
13 F Naram-Sin Icon Naram-Sin [?] 1
14 F Gigim Icon Gigim [E] 4
15 G Highsaddle Icon Highsaddle [H] 1
16 G Menika Icon Menika [M] 1
17 H (K) Ellat-Gula Icon Ellat-Gula [E] 1
18 H Tiskhu Icon Tishku [H] 1
19 H Anagalmeshshu Icon Anagalmeshshu [E] 1
20 H Arnza Icon Arnza [E] 1
21 H Starfisher Icon Starfisher [E] 1

Thwart/Thwart All [3]
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 S Lophidiana Icon Lophidiana [HH]
2 A Volaikha Icon Volaikha [M]
3 A Wrangoliath Icon Wrangoliath [M]


[1] Sarsinaia is a Warlock that functions as a Healer, similar to Ludbert.

[2] Raid-Focus Warlocks are ranked according to potential damage output, taking into account skill type, countdown, and max attack base.

[3] Thwart Epics have a final Countdown of 1.