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Elemental Dungeon Event

June 19th 2:00AM PST - June 23rd 11:00PM PST




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WH map
The event consists of two elemental dungeons, Flashvault (lightning) and Loamden (earth). Each dungeon has four levels of difficulty, and only one dungeon is open a day, except for the last day, when both are open at the same time.

This event includes the HELLO STRANGER encounters. Players occasionally encounter either the Agaricans Myco or Polypo (who drop hero/rank fighters or power fodder and must be defeated in a single round), a single relic guardian (who drops plain, non-skill gear), or the Witch Achromedea (an Audelinea color-swap who drops special gear). To actually receive the fighters and gear, the player must fully complete the mission.

AMOK TIME! is the dungeon version of frenzy. When it occurs, HELLO STRANGER encounter rates are increased..

As in other Special Dungeon events, doxite drops from encounters. Doxite is similar to Pixite, but contains some of the new fighters and older event fighters.

Relic GearEdit

The following is a table showing the various relic gear introduced in this dungeon:

Icon Name Rarity Sign Min Stat Max Stat Skill Proc %
BoreanGloves Icon Borean Gloves Uncommon Sign-lightning 107DEF 802DEF Repay (Adept) 5-30%Exclamation
WoundedHelm Icon Wounded Helm Uncommon Sign-earth 101DEF 757DEF Counter (Adept) 5-30%Exclamation
VergeofClarity Icon Verge of Clarity Uncommon Sign-water 104WIS 780WIS Flodd (Novice) 5-30%Exclamation
PurplePinions Icon Purple Pinions Rare


532WIS 1010WIS Heal Self (Adept) 10-30Exclamation
PyromancersBlade Icon Pyromancer's Blade Rare


525ATK 1050ATK Scorch (Elite) 10-30%
SweetDelight Icon Sweet Delight Epic 1030AGI 2060AGI Preempt (Elite) 10-30Exclamation

Notes: Sweet Delight was the first epic gear to be released.

Event UnitsEdit

Fighters receive a SIGN EDGE when they come from the same sign (lightning, earth) as the current dungeon.

There are also new (and old!) fighters that receive an automatic HERO EDGE throughout the whole event (note that if the fighters' sign matches the day's dungeon, the edges stack!). These special new fighters are seen here:

WH heroes1
WH heroes2

The following is a list of all units introduced in this event:

Meldling - Hungerfledge - Plumandias (Hero Fighter) [ x ]
Sarpanitum - Erishti-Aya - Mushezibitu (Hero Fighter) [ x ]
Od - Sumai - Ukani (Rank Reward) [ x ]

The other rank reward fighter was Malakhloros.

During this event the reward for inviting players came from the Lamenkhaur line.

Many of these units drop from doxite and Agaricans, along with being built in premium builds, earned through missions, or earned as rank rewards.

Rank RewardsEdit

The leaderboard resets daily. Players received fighters based on which dungeon was open that day.

Players also received Doxite, Aja Leaves, and Texi as part of their reward.

Event AchievementsEdit

Name Description Reward
Self-Fuse Meldling 1 Time! Fuse together 2 Meldlings! From "FUSE," pick another, identical fighter. 1x Doxite
Evolve Meldling! Metamorphose Meldling into another fighter! Self-fuse to the SEF limit. 5x Doxite
Self-Fuse Od 1 Time! Fuse together 2 Ods! From "FUSE," pick another, identical fighter. 1x Doxite
Evolve Od! Metamorphose Od into another fighter! Self-fuse to the SEF limit. 5x Doxite
Self-Fuse Sarpanitum 1 Time! Fuse together 2 Sarpanitums! From "FUSE," pick another, identical fighter. 1x Doxite
Evolve Sarpanitum! Metamorphose Sarpanitum into another fighter! Self-fuse to the SEF limit. 5x Doxite

Event BuildsEdit

During this event these were the special premium builds offered:

Type Name Bonus Available Fighters
Heroes Build Conquerer Build Duct tape Hero Fighters and Fighters from that day's EDGE sign.

The Tiered Build from the Stuff of Legends event was also extended through this event.

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